The CodecPhone architecture enables our users to dial out using CodecPhone to telephones and computers around the world. All that's needed is the CodecPhone software on two of the communicating computers, speakers, and a microphone. When a user dials a phone number, the number is routed through our Gateway Server (IPO2U Operator). The Operator dials the number on our local phone lines (PSTN), thus allowing you to call any number which is supported by our Gateway. This architecture model, allows schools, businesses, fraternities, sororities, and other institutions or individuals to host a calling service, which routes calls to them or others at no 'per minute' charge for the caller or the receiver. Even calls from overseas are free, thus, the CodecPhone solution can be used to convert any local number into an effective "800" number, or e800 number, eliminating the need for expensive, regular 800 number services.

Reality today is that businesses have not yet understood the power of this distributable software gateway. Currently we only have a limited number of gateways and phone lines here at CodecPhone, and while you might be placing a PC to Phone call to any of our i800 directory listings, your call will not go through if all of our Operators are in use. This however will not affect User to User communication. We are confident that in time, companies, colleges, and anyone who understands the value of the i800 or e800 listing will be interested in installing the IPO2U Operator, which in turn would increase the support and the effectiveness of free PC to Phone communications. If every phone number is served by an Operator gateway software, there will be no more long distance charges for anyone!

Below is an example of our vision of the ideal collaborative communication infrastructure:

With our communication products, a company can extend their ear to customers, or potential customers on the Internet. The IPO2U Operator (software gateway) bridges phone calls, by allowing a call to be placed with CodecPhone over the Internet to any phone number through the Operator. Because the Operator dials numbers locally, this can not only eliminate the need for 800 numbers, but would also eliminate long distance calls for customers and businesses.

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