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Other products include:

IPO2U Operator - Proprietary Software gateway, for supporting PC to Phone Voice Communication.

Analog and Digital Gateway Solution - Hardware gateways, integrated with calling software to serve branch to branch and global business voice communication.

e800 Directory - A web hosted phone directory, converts business phone numbers to effective "800-like" numbers, which can be clicked and called from anywhere in the world. (This can replace expensive 800 numbers).

Mi-Card - Customized CD-ROM card with marketing and business information enhanced with click and call voice communication solution, offering a powerful medium for reaching customers and attracting business. This can replace expensive, heavy paper catalogs for trade shows and direct distribution purposes.

PINC (Personal Interactive Name Card) - The MI-Card concept is applied to personal Name Cards-credit card size CD-ROM printed with name card information on the outside, and stored with personal contact information on the inside. This allows the information to be portable or managed on the PC desktop, with the click and call capability.