Consumers and callers, all appreciate the usefulness of 800 numbers. The i800 directory provides you a directory of 800 numbers which you can simply click and call from this screen or from your computer using CodecPhone. The i800 directory is supported by the IPO2U Operator software gateway. Installing this gateway on any PC or server can turn the PC or server into a VoIP phone operator. The Operator can be configured to accept and call any phone number. The IPO2U Operator can turn any local business phone number into an effective 800 number on the Internet without paying for expensive 800 number toll charges. That is why you can call some non 800 numbers listed in this directory but there will be no charges for you or the owners of these numbers. When businesses begin to realize this great benefit, they will install more IPO2U Operators for their phone numbers, and then the public community and the merchants all benefit. If your University or College does not have an 800 number, you can contact us to arrange for listing of your local number as an e800 number with an inexpensive investment in IPO2U Operator software. Enjoy your use and spread the word!

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