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By using CodecPhone, you can place phone calls either to another CodecPhone running on someone else's computer (PC to PC), or to a telephone (PC to Phone) while you are online.

Other features include:

- Caller IP (the Caller ID for the Internet) displays the callers IP   address and username (if applicable)
- H.323 compliant (which means you can connect to other compatible
  calling software like NetMeeting, free of charge)
- Contact merchants   through the i800 directory
- No long distance toll charges
- Supports Interactive Name Cards
- Caller Icon (an icon that can be placed into email, or your website,   which enables people to call you with one click!)

With the CodecPhone website, you get:

- Your own personal profile on our website
- One click calling (people can call you, and you can call them just with   one click)
- Access to our i800 directory where you can find and call users,   businesses, colleges / universities, and other services
- Forums
- Bulletin Boards
- Live Chat
SMS (Short Messages)